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Philippine Location
The Philippines makes an ideal partner for business outsourcing from the U.S. having a close affinity to the Western culture and a strong command of the English language.
Superior Quality and Strong Customer Focus
Quality and a good understanding of our clients’ business needs are key components of our value proposition.
Financial Strength and Wealth of Resources
Our strong financial backing ensures stability in the workplace and the unparalleled ability to deliver on our commitments.
Customer Care
We know what it takes to make your customers happy, and our consistently high customer satisfaction ratings show it.
Technical Support
We create value for you by focusing on quality - resulting in lower overall cost-per-solution.
Sales Support
We understand the importance of a regular flow of qualified sales leads and the value that each closed sale brings to your company.
A Full Service Universal Bank Partners with ePLDT Ventus
We provide customer service delivering high-level service to credit card customers.
One of the Largest Credit Card Issuers Partners with ePLDT Ventus
We develop business solutions to improve processes & align metrics.
Utility Company Partners with ePLDT Ventus
We develop complete business solutions to improve customer management.